Cartoon KAT-TUN s01e14 ~ [100Q] KOIKE Eiko & [DAT-TUN5] SASAKI Kazuhiro

The first guest (idol) is very pretty and friendly
- the guest has this nervousness when
surrounded by utsukushii (beautiful) people, except for one *special* man!
- “KAT-TUN exchange birthday presents between members, you must get along very well!” - Koki: “No, never” XD
- Jin's own method to diet (maybe for his up-coming drama Yukan Club? ^.^)
- Otou-san (AD)’s 2nd appearance!
- “Are you alright by yourself?” skit with Kame, Otou-san & later with Tat-chan
- Creative dance: featuring Junno
- there’s something living in Maru's ears XD
- Long string jumping (& Tat-chan in hyper mood)
- after unfortunately chosen in the role cousin/second cousin/grand cousin so many times, Tat-chan suggests to change his character!?
~ secret share: Tat-chan

The second guest (professional baseball player) is very generous: he gives KT many souvenirs for their first meeting
- it’s so obvious that Kame-chan really wants that *red* gloves >w<
- Junno is accurate as always
the result of counting on clumsy Maru
- Jin makes a
adorable face when trying to embarrass the guest (perhaps he feel embarrassed himself? >.<)
(This game marks their penalty for losing 5 times in a row, which means Nakanishi will go to you-know-where in some next episodes >.^)

For minna-san’s interest, here’s the download link of CTKT 2007.07.04 ep.14 from JOR

(c) on pic

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