Cartoon KAT-TUN s01e17 ~ [100Q] TAKASHIMA Chisako & [Smile Athlete: part 3]

The guest (violinist)’s impression of KAT-TUN: young, active & cute
the sound of a Stradivarius!!! (& Maru has a face like he really wants to sleep XD, then Nakanishi's small witty dialog XDD)
- the hilarious introduction of the trainees: Nakanishi either raise their hands or stand all up to ask questions, Koki joins the jokes, Jin's random comments, Maru makes a slip of his tongue - twice, Kame's hysterical laugh, & Kame pretends to stop all their teasing or not…
- the guest is a strong & capable woman, imo
- imititions & KT's cute reactions (esp. Jin ^.^)
~ secret share: Kame

[Smile Athlete]
- Koki: “Excuse me, did you know that some people died from laughing too much?!”

For minna-san’s interest, here’s the download link of CTKT 2007.07.25 ep.17 from JOR

(c) on pic
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