Cartoon KAT-TUN s01e25 ~ [100Q] YANAGIHARA Kanako & [Badminton] Leah Dizon

+ Akame with the similar style of clothes (in this episode and to the previous one)
+ Jin looks so adorable, and he’s scratching himself non-stop, and somehow his hands always cover his mouth shyly
+ The editor of this episode has the habit of showing Kame-then-Jin sequence, like 10 times or more (must be an Akame shipper! XD)

• 100Q: The guest (comedian) is very lovely and outgoing & her impression of KAT-TUN is “Fresh”
- The “shop assistant” skit with hyper!Kame
- The guest’s love life
- Kame seems to be very interested in “being naked at home”
- Maru to the guest: the positive side of being FAT
- Exercise with the sadistic instructor
(bonus: Jin lying on a bed)
- Tat-chan's taking-off-the-glasses act
~ secret share: Junno

• Badminton:
The guest in the previous episode
- Jin plays badminton like a girl
, esp. near the end of the match: he bends his leg when hitting the shuttle ;]
- Tat-chan's eyesight is really bad v__v

Download link of CTKT 2007.09.19 ep.25 from JOR

(c) on pic
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